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by roselevit

Hello! My name is Rose, and I develop and share recipes here on Windrose Bakery.

I’ve been obsessed with cooking and baking since I was a little kid. My grandmother helped me write my first recipe when I was seven years old, and ever since then I haven’t been able to stay out of the kitchen. I started with basic baking and cake decorating, learned farm-to-table techniques and high-volume cooking while living on an organic farm, and taught myself how to cook without recipes using intuition and a lot of crossed fingers. Some things turn out well, others not as much. Luckily, you get to be the beneficiary of all the successful recipes ;).

Chocolate cake was my first love, so of course it’s my favorite thing to bake, but I also love all things pastry and patisserie, have been known to decorate for hours in painstaking detail, and have never been able to resist anything lemon-flavored. I also enjoy experimenting with ingredients and materials like modeling chocolate, marshmallow fondant, and obscure piping tips. While baking is certainly a creative outlet for me, I also love how scientific it gets. I’m a very left-brained person, so I love analyzing recipes, working out formulas, and doing academic research related to cooking and food culture. On the blog, you’ll find scientifically optimized baked goods, long posts about the role of food in history and mythology, and perhaps a handful of secret formulas. Shhhhhhh…

In addition to making food and blogging, I’m a full-time student studying folklore and mythology in the Pacific Northwest. I play Irish folk fiddle, do aerial circus arts, enjoy D&D and Magic the Gathering, and have a healthy obsession with jasmine green tea.

I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I enjoy creating them!


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